The Frosty Fresh Chronicle: Crafting Ice Cream Perfection!

Embark on a saga, a timeless journey embodying Mercely's pursuit of ice cream perfection! Our evolution from a humble endeavour in the small state of Kerala, India, to an esteemed brand cherished by many, is a testament to our commitment to authenticity. We promise more than just ice cream; it's an immersive experience that encapsulates quality, nutrition, and unparalleled taste.

A Tale of Sweetness

Mr. Joseph M Kadambukattil, the man behind the brand, has been tantalising the taste buds of Keralites with exquisite ice creams for three decades and is now on his journey to be known as the best ice cream maker in the world.

Beyond crafting delightful ice creams, our ethos centres on fostering collective growth and ensuring a sustainable business ecosystem that supports our valued partners, from the village farmers supplying our milk and fruits to the diligent distributors and retailers. Each ingredient at Mercely's is meticulously selected from nature, promising a harmonious blend of health and fresh flavors. We believe that every spoonful of Mercely's ice cream encompasses shared growth, natural goodness, and happiness, transcending it from mere ice cream to an experience. Discover Mercely's distinction today.

Freshly Harvested

Every scoop of our ice cream embodies a passionate farm-to-spoon journey. Our ingredients are carefully harvested from pristine pastures and farms, delivering a spectrum of flavors that are vibrant, fresh, and irresistible.

Benefits Of Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

Indulge in the goodness of real fruits, wholesome milk, and natural sweetness in each serving of our fresh fruit ice cream. At Mercely's, we not only offer vibrant flavors but also health benefits in every mouthful, ensuring an indulgence that's both delicious and nutritious.

Free From Artificial Additives

Savor the divine purity of our ice creams, crafted without artificial colors or preservatives. Our heavenly range embodies pure ingredients and dedicated craftsmanship, presenting ice cream in its unadulterated form, untouched by anything artificial, and delivering the taste of pure delight!

Probiotics And Prebiotics

Forget boring old ice cream, Mercely's ice creams are packed with sunshine and a secret weapon – gut-loving goodness! Prebiotics and probiotics are the tiny heroes who keep your tummy happy and fit. Think of them as tiny cheerleaders for your insides, boosting your mood and well-being with every delicious bite. So, dig in, guilt-free, and let Mercely's give your gut a joyful high five!

Mission And Vision

At Mercely’s, we work every day with three prime focuses: Happiness, Quality & Nutrition. This triad guides all our efforts and decision-making processes. It drives us to come up with ice creams enriched with prebiotics and probiotics and remain devoted to serving a delightful and healthy experience. Enjoy a healthier, guilt-free way of indulgence with us!

Why Mercely’s?

Freshness At Its Peak

Experience the goodness of fresh fruits and milk sourced directly from our dedicated farmers.

Wellness In Every Scoop

Relish our ice creams, packed with prebiotic fibres and probiotic cultures, promoting a healthier gut.

Taste Meets Health

Mercely’s ice creams uniquely strike a balance between incredible taste and wholesome health, all for your pleasure.

Unlimited Flavors

Missing your favourite flavour? Not at Mercely’s! We keep all flavors stocked at all times for your enjoyment.

Mercely’s Ice Cream - The Best Every Time

Satisfy your ice cream cravings without compromise. At Mercely’s, it's always the best!