Fun dances with wellness. Creamy goodness duets with pure nature.  Silky smooth ice cream does a salsa with sustainability. All at Mercely’s – a world of natural ice creams, condiments, and confectionery.

Created in one of India’s largest factories, poised to take the ice cream industry to the next level.

Rich fruit pulp, fresh whole milk, and natural coloring and flavors.

Ice Creams with Prebiotic Fibers and Probiotic Cultures

Our journey: The belief that flavours our product

After 3 decades of successfully treating Kerala’s  taste buds with whole pure milk ice creams our promoter Mr. Joseph M Kadambukattil  decided to go a step higher. He added one main ingredient to all Mercely’s products – the belief in shared growth.  That’s why we spread the sweetness to our farmers, distributors and retailers through a sustainable business model.

Transparent: So your eyes can taste the purity too!

Our factory is state of the art and ensures 99% hands free production of ice creams and condiments. We welcome our consumers and stakeholders to see it firsthand! 

Healthy makes it tastier!

In a world of frozen desserts, our ice creams are made of pure, whole milk, butter, and cream, sourced from farmers within a 35 km radius, in just a couple of hours.

Nature gives us better choices!

We know that we cannot beat nature to make things tasty! So our ice creams are made from pure fruit pulp, tender coconuts and natural flavours and colours. What’s not in nature is not in our products!

Sustainable model

We have a nurturing, sustainable and empathetic supply chain that spreads the joy to every stakeholder. The ingredients are locally sourced to encourage farmers around us and reduce our carbon footprint.

A choice of delectable goodness

Our natural range of ice creams comes in all shapes, bars, cones, cups and boxes.  Choose from a range of mouthwatering natural flavours.   For those wanting to make some happy hours at home, we have a range of fruit jellies, and vegetarian starters for the jellies.  Choose from a our fruit sauces and condiments too.

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The best of facilities

Mercely’s factory is geared to raise the bar for the Indian ice cream industry in one of India’s largest facilities, of one lakh square feet with a capacity to make 2.5 lakh litres per day.

The factory is a turn-key project of the world’s renowned dairy specialist; Tetra Pak and the process is designed to ensure minimum human contact.

A very large cold storage facility ensures the freshness of the ingredients and the final product remain intact till they reach the consumer.

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